Collection No. 03 

Many of these opinions surfaced in coming-of-age epiphanies. When you transition to adulthood you start to become able to look at your adolescence differently and understand why it turned you into the person you are today. Drugs, beauty, body image, family politics, what your school told you to cover up, what bad relationships you entered unknowingly, what you wore, and what you were insecure about. All of these factors, struggles and beliefs that were formed have translated to feeling empowered enough to critique the cultural present and realize the systemic flaws that are so normalized.⁣⁣
The elements that make up each piece have a personal reason, to represent a feeling, a moment or a theme. Even though a lot of them had backstories specific to me and my life, the caption shows a different story from a stranger feeling the exact same; a symbol in itself that speaks to the entire concept.⁣⁣

Film photos come from a photoshoot I directed for this collection, shot by Andres O'Beirne. Other photos come from vintage playboy and cosmopolitan magazines. 

In My Humble Opinion is a collection of materialized thoughts, perspectives and exploratory criticisms. ⁣⁣

Sex & Politics


Essay written by Rachel Gooding-Lord

“You’re a very ambitious young woman, but a beautiful young girl like yourself has so many options. I wouldn’t get your hopes up about making it very far in the field, just don’t ahead ahead of yourself.” ⁣

“It will be so nice to have you working in our office, we have so many many talented, but incredibly unfortunate looking women work for us.” ⁣
⁣"I wouldn’t do this for anyone but you’re special. I think you’re very beautiful.”⁣

Unfortunately, my appearance has been one of the most important parts of my resume in politics. My ideas, my work and my value as a member of any team of office has always been seen as secondary to my sexuality. My males superiors know they they are are living in an era of heightened awareness and accountability but only view the social change as a challenge, an extra hoop to jump through when sexually harassing young women in the work force.⁣