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  Collection No. 01

FEMME is a concentration of 9 works with a central focus on the exploration and celebration of the female. It borrows from postmodernist influence with the incorporation of found objects. Media features 1940's LIFE magazine cut-outs, India ink, stamps, thread (both elastic and cotton), an embroidery hoop, and much more. In this body of work several hot-button, controversial issues are criticized and analyzed. Some of these subjects include double standards, gender roles, sexual harassment, women's rights, and sex.

Interpretation of each piece is intentionally left open for each viewer to associate and connect in their own processes and experiences. 


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  1. a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.

    "a catch-22 situation"

    synonyms: dilemma, quandary, vicious circle 

As the definition prefaces, this piece explores a double standard women face, caught between being pushed to be sexy and told to be modest. These pressures come from everywhere, but can be felt heavily from social media. In an environment like this, it's seemingly impossible to please anyone, including oneself. 

Scratched into the acrylic and gold ink are quotes heard from both perspectives from various situations. In the middle, the text around the female figure are thoughts that have crossed the mind in response to this social paradox. Characters are pulled from vintage LIFE magazines and have been transformed into matte medium skins. 

Piece is 18.5" x 38".


Follow The Leader is a visual controversy between religion and the supernatural. Religion and faith are heavily nuanced in this piece, from the authentic rosary placed in the character's hands to the disciples and altar. However, these are built upon a pastiche of various newspaper articles from supernatural investigation and UFO sightings, embodying the real life contradiction and crossover often overlooked. 

The central text is a reference to the famous coming-of-age novel by Judy Blume, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. I incorporated this because there is uncertainty that comes with growing up, when we are faced with having to form our own perceptions of the world and what (or who) we want to follow or place our faith in. 

Piece is 24" x 11.5".

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  1. a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing.

A Lesson In Anatomy and Euphemism is a diptych inspired by Da Vinci's series of anatomy sketches. I utilized the notion of anatomical art to bring light to the unfavorable taboo that sex has become in conversation and lifestyle. The classic expression and euphemism used to talk about sex is "The Birds and The Bees". The birds and bees are used as a metaphor to explain sex in a protective and vague fashion. This reinforces an attitude that sex should not be talked about openly and not performed expressively.  By dissecting the birds and the bees both literally and introspectively, sex is seen at it's most primitive state; a connection of two people. 

Piece is 18.5" x 34".


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See Me, Breathes The Sea is a piece featuring a chalk pastel emulation of Hokusai's The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Layered underneath the pieces of waves is a pastiche of various recurring symbols found within the entire concentration and a hand-carved stamp of the words Sea Me. This text is subtle and delicate, like a breath, or whisper, of the sea. The focal point of the piece are two embracing characters from a vintage LIFE magazine in which the woman is the dominant character. The gold elastic centers her, and the stamps circle around her. This composition is a celebration of the female and the power and strength within, symbolized by the crashing waves and storm. It conveys the feeling of being on top of the world when supported and appreciated.

Piece is 20" x 38".


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Persecution is a story of sexual assault and the emotional aftermath. It features the symbol of the bird and bee having a conversation. This piece is a visualization of the mind of a sexual assault survivor and the scattered, overwhelming thoughts and frustration that involves not knowing what to do with oneself afterwards. Borrowed and inscribed across the piece are diary entries and scribbles 

from a survivor as they overcame their mental block and processed their emotions.

National Sexual Assault Hotline:


Piece is 20" x 34". 


A Work In Progress is a piece that explores a timeline of various historical women's rights advancements and subjects.


The piece is built upon a gesso collage of newspaper articles, relevant bills and rally notices that have been significant to the Women's Rights movement throughout time. The conversation of the piece is focused on the Equal Pay Act passed in 1963, and the challenge to close the wage gap that continues to exist. 

The wage gap is symbolized through the broken dollar bill that is symbolically split between the man's heart and woman's brain. The embroidery hoop sewn onto the piece, as well as the vintage tone, is to emphasize the severe delay in the amendment of the wage gap, as it continues to exist to this day. 


Women STILL experience an average of .80¢ to a man's $1 (ASC Census Data, 2018). 

A Work in Progress was awarded a Golden Key.

Piece is 28"x 12".


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the divine feminine, mixed media art, vintage collage


The Divine Feminine is a pastiche that centers a woman from a vintage fashion poster found from a local flea market. The text is cut from a linen cloth and the background is ink scratched through an acrylic layer. It was inspired from music from Mac Miller's 2016 album by the same title, as were other pieces in this series.

This piece aims to touch on the elegant nature of the female, internally, externally, and introspectively. This is represented through the words, aspirations, and opinions that are written on the woman's accessories and also through the mirrored material that creates the flower and thought bubbles as an invitation to look within.

Piece is 40"x 32".





pink collage, monochromatic mixed media, anya salmen, anya carolyn, karo, karo., karocrafts, karo mixed media, karo art

Domestic Science is a monochromatic sewn collage that juxtaposes vintage characters from a 1930's German "fashion" catalog against a modern National Geographic magazine background. The choice of pink was intentionally to celebrate the "classic feminine" color and represent it in a modern sense. The sewing was both by hand and by machine which is symbolic of another "classic" hobby of women, especially years ago, like from the 30's which is where these characters were taken from. This piece is a celebration of the history and also how far we have come since. 

Looking closer at the details of the women, every age group is included across the collage. There is an emphasis on unity of all age, history and style.  

Piece is 28" x 38".


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Outer... Space is the concluding piece of the series. The characters and car are taken from vintage LIFE magazines, and the planet texture is comprised from gesso and transfers of Jupiter and Saturn's surface. Shooting around the piece is a system of constellations made up of metallic elastic sewn onto the top layer of paper. The message behind this composition is intentionally left up to the viewer's interpretation, as it goes in multiple directions.


The most universal concept illustrated in this piece is man treating woman like a form of entertainment. This highlights the all-too-common lack of space women often feel physically and emotionally, even with their partners. Finding a balance of space in a relationship is extremely important to define. Sometimes you just want to dance for yourself.


Piece is 20"x 34".