Personality Collage Commissions

These are a few of the collages in which I interpret the subject's personality based on a series of purposeful questions from a Google Form I created. I listen to their favorite playlists, hear their story, what cheers them up on a rainy day, and visualize what I feel. <3


If the culture of the Pacific Northwest were a person, it would be Baylee. He loves the outdoors, laid back adventures with his friends, and good times.

Kyla & Jenna

The best of friends, the sweetest and most genuine bond. They love to go to Vegas and cute Diners together, they live in Boulder Colorado, they can dance the night away, their favorite movie is 13 going on 30 (hence the quotes and pancakes), and they LOVE Jenna's pup Cooper.

Mary Grace

an old soul, loves to curl up with her cat and an old film, loves yellow and blue, loves to travel, favorite artists include Florence and the Machine, Vampire Weekend, and First Aid Kit


rad girl who loves a late night out in the city, a glass of red wine, chic high fashion, and has a dope music taste

Micah Rose

This girl is full of life and loves music festivals, painting, making art, dancing, and dressing up. A music and fashion lover, and just an overall sweet soul.

Julia & Clara

best friends since birth, lovers of space, modern art, love to hike, boat, ski, getting into any kind of outside adventures


Aries, big lover of hiking and skiing, genuine and trustworthy, free spirit, favorite artists are Milky Chance and Tom Misch


This piece is a love letter to her friend group. They are a group of amazing humans that have unconditional love for each other.

Megan & Alanna

best friends for years, cancer and gemini, always there for each other, supportive, love blues, greens and nature, lovers of Mamma Mia 

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