// the concept

The artist behind Karo fine art is Chapman University student Anya Carolyn. Anya pursues a degree in Creative Producing with a minor in Advertising and Creative and Cultural industries.

Anya grew up experimenting with every possible form of art from oil painting commissions to graphite realism, eventually falling in love with mixed media. 


In her work, each piece is rooted within a personal anecdote influenced by relevant and controversial social culture. The portrayal and representation of the female is often the focal point in her work.


Each piece is created with the notion that it holds more than just one inherent meaning, and allows for the viewer to realize their own story and form their perspective. ​Through this, she strives to create art that is rooted in emotional aspects of life that various people can relate to and evoke feelings from. 


She hopes that through the reflection and creation of art from an experience, positive or negative, healing and happiness can be found. For commission work, email anyacarolyn@gmail.com. 


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